Campari Colours Regional Carnivals

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Courtesy Overtime Media

In much the same vein as Campari pairs well with rich citrus juices like orange and pineapple and more recently, more adventurous consumers started mixing the Italian-made liqueur with the popular dancehall music affiliated Magnum tonic wine, the brand continues to collaborate across the Caribbean region. 

Whether powering, partnering with, or just enhancing various events, festivals and artistic expressions, Campari has made its mark over the last decade by being present and as poignant as their signature taste wherever the action, interactions and trends may be happening within the archipelago. In spite of the short Carnival season just recently concluded in Trinidad, Campari continued to deliver their unique taste, style and flavor at some of the hottest and most popular events of the festive season. These included: Caesar’s Army’s AM Beach all inclusive breakfast affair at Maracas Beach on Carnival Thursday morning and their jouvert-esque AM Bush race against the rising sun at Wallerfield on Carnival Saturday morning. Appearing also at the Fitt Street bar and lounge in Woodbrook on Carnival Thursday night, Campari powered a dancehall showcase – once again pairing the dominant rhythmic languages of today’s youth in Soca and Dancehall music and culture. 

Further enhancing the beauty and splendour of the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, Campari braved the grand parade of the bands with the band known as Rogue throughout the experience and even showered the legendary Ash Wednesday cool-down at Maracas Bay with their distinctive essence and outstanding brand colors, merchandise and always gorgeous and accommodating promotional models.

“This staging of Trinidad Carnival exceeded our expectations and Campari is ecstatic to have been a part of the celebrations,” said Regional Marketing Manager, Pavel Smith. “Campari has always and will continue to contribute to the creation of awesome memories and we are proud to have kicked off this year with Trinidad Carnival. Look out for us across the region for the rest of the year’s festivities, as we will be out there bigger and bolder than ever before. Remember to fete and enjoy the action with Campari, but please do so responsibly.”

Up next on the Campari calendar are Carnival celebrations building in Kingston, Jamaica where the brand is distributed by J Wray and Nephew Ltd and promoted keenly by the savvy and sophisticated Creative Marketing Associates company. A continuing sponsor of the two biggest bands on the road in Jamaica, namely: Xodus and Yardmas, their ever-popular “Campari Boulevard” typically hosts live performances and attracts thousands of masquerades and Carnival lovers following the Jamaican “Road March” or grand parade of bands day, which is scheduled for Sunday April 7, 2024.

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