FashionTT Honours 70 VCIP Designers

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The Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Company (FashionTT) held its Value Chain Investment Programme (VCIP) Certificate Distribution Ceremony on Saturday 25th November at the Hilton Trinidad. The ceremony was held to honour the 70 Designers who would have received one on one business coaching from experienced Professors in the field of entrepreneurship under the umbrella of the University of the West Indies. 

Each designer was recognised for their commitment to participating the programme and improving the value chain elements of their business based on the guidance from their respective mentors. Four designers were also awarded for their respective category: Top Sales Performance: Shanice and Sheneika McDonald of RackPDH; HR Development: Shivonne Subero of SS Label; E-Commerce: Zidelle Daniel of 1491 Denim and Most Improved Entrepreneur: Wendy Hodge of Wendy’s Fashion.

The ceremony, which was emceed by a local fashion industry titan, Richard Young, officially began with opening remarks from FashionTT’s Chairman, Jason Lindsay, who shared that “We remain devoted in our mission to drive the industry’s business development and growth and we look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to move the industry forward. Once there is perseverance the results will come and the industry will continue to have just not just the support of myself but the board of CreativeTT. This is not just a celebration of 70 but what that 70 will do for the rest of the industry.” He added that “FashionTT and CreativeTT are thankful for the continued support of the Ministry of Trade & Industry”.

FashionTT was also grateful to the sponsors who have contributed to the event and the programme. These include C15 Studios, Richard Young, Classic Awards, Media 22, Angostura Limited, NGC, HRMATT, MusicTT, Lush Kingdom, Aveda Day Spa (LCM), Tilis Dollhouse and K2K Alliance. FashionTT was also thrilled to have the support of their sister company, MusicTT, who sponsored the live entertainment, local superstar Ola, for that night.

In closing, FashionTT’s General Manager, Lisa-Marie Daniel, expressed words of encouragement and gratitude, “Each certificate handed out today symbolises not only the mastery of skills but also the spirit of innovation and resilience that is characteristic of the Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion industry. Let this moment be a stepping stone towards a future where you continue to push boundaries, challenge norms, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the fashion world. To our sponsors and overall supporters, thank you! Thank you to The UWI for partnering with us and providing the mentorship and training needed for the advancement of this industry and thank you to everyone who has contributed directly and indirectly to the success of this programme”.

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