Fast 5 With Destra Garcia – “The Queen Of Bacchanal”

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By Essiba Small, HER Magazine

The Queen of Bacchanal, Destra Garcia is in the building and ready to tackle our Fast 5 questions.

1. Her Magazine (HM): What was your first performance for 2024 and how was it?

Destra Garcia (DG): My first performance was in the US Virgin Islands, the island of St Croix at an event called  the Christmas Carnival Festival, or something like that. I have  been going there for the last 20 years and I really was excited by their response to my new music  “Devotion” and “Soca Eden”, it was amazing.

I am thankful that I am able to start the year off overseas touring; you know that I do most of my performing outside, but it was nice to start the new year like that.

After that I went to Antigua to do Ricardo Drue’s funeral, at his mum’s request. It is always very sad losing a colleague in the business. It is a harsh reality that we are all mortal and that we don’t just sing to make people happy, we also sing in sad times.

My next tour date will be on the 27 (of January),  I have a show in Canada called  “Dont Cry I am Leaving”, which is being  done by Dr J. This is my first time doing this show because I never want to leave Trindiad during Carnival. I dont know what vaps hit me this year. I am going to do that and retrun in time for Carnival.

2. HM: What songs have you released for Carnival 2024?

DG: For the Carnival season I released songs from my album, done late last year, like “Bumper Heavy” with Karli Redd. We also did a video for that and a remix with Beenie Man.  I did a song with Peter Ram called “Bring the thing”. We did a video for that as well, a song called “Private Area” – a video for that is also out. Then I started to release new music that wasn’t on my album. I did a song with Yung Bredda called “Rosie” – the younger generation is really feeling that one because they love Yung Bredda. Then we have “Soca Eden”, “Didn’t Mean”  and the song we are pushing for the road , “Devotion”.

3. HM: In this short season, what do you do to conserve your energy for your stage performances?

DG: Energy is a must and health is a must. I must admit that every year, before my daughter’s birthday, my focus is not really on Carnival. My career takes a bit of a step back until the 14 of January. But in this situation, because Carnival is so early, I am kind of playing catch-up with songs, promotions and the events.

I told my daughter (Xaiya) yesterday that when her birthday is over, I have to focus on my career . She understands.  So in terms of conserving energy, I focus on Destra the artiste a little more. I  take time for rest and recovery and keep the voice in tact. I spend time on fitness and just focus on what needs to be done . Rest is extremely important in conserving energy at Carnvial and preserving my voice.

4. HM: Where and when can fans catch your next performance. And what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

DG: My next event is Xperience and then CIC Saturday Afternoon (both staged yesterday, Saturday). But keep following me on all my social media platforms and you will see where I will be.  I am excited to see you guys in this short season.

What I really want out of Carnival 2024 is to give my music as much exposure it possibly can get and meet as much of my fans in T&T – because I don’t get time to interact with my fans here – and just enjoy the short season. Because you never know which Carnival is going to be your last.  So many of my friends are not in this season.  I am really looking forward to maximising the songs and getting the people to fall in love with them. And come the end of this season, have them still singing the songs.

5. HM: A lot of young people are vibing to your song ‘Rosie’. How did that collab with Yung Bredda come to be?

DG: A lot of people love it and I am glad they do. I even see people doing a lot of challenges among themselves, little dance moves –  I love it. Yung Bredda and I actually met on tour last year. That video I posted about our encounter went viral. That’s where I was telling him that he shouldn’t be called Yung Bredda but only Bredda, because he is the only brother to his siblings — he has a lot of sisters. So that was kinda fun.

I really liked his energy and his vibe. Producer, Keshav came to me about an old song that I had done with Tendaji, he  said ‘Destra, Keegan Taylor brought me a song here that you did and we want to do over the music. I really feel that Yung Bredda  will be great on this.’ ”

Before that he commented  under the video post, that he wants to do a song with us and bring this chance meeting to life; and he did.  We changed up the original song from how I did it before. Knowing what kind of songs Yung Bredda does,” a bit spicy, I was a bit sceptical at first.  He was also sceptical because of the great respect he has for me as an artiste and an elder to him.  In  studio I had to encourage him to be himself and that at the end of the day, if I find you crossing the line too much, we’ll taper it off.

But it was a wonderful blend, a wonderful mix of both talents, a wonderful mix of both generations. I am really looking forward to performing with him. I know what he brings and he knows what I bring, so to come together?  It would be a little bit scary (laughs ) but I am looking forward to it.

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