Fast 5 with Nailah Blackman – The Sensational Super Star

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By Essiba Small, HER Magazine

Short Carnival season, nothing! Nailah Blackman has released seven songs for Carnival 2024 and is again eyeing the Road March title. She talks to us about the season and the music.

1. Her Magazine (HM): What was your first performance for 2024 and how was the experience?

Nailah Blackman (NB): My first performance for 2024 was in Grenada and it was very amazing. It was definitely a good way to start the year, and my second performance was my own concert Soca Origins, Eden.

2. HM: Name your Carnival 2024  releases and give us your favourite line from one of them?

NB: For Carnival 2024 I released a number of songs, first one being a collaboration with Nisha B called ‘Tip Tip’, second being ‘Endless Vibration’ with my aunt Marge Blackman, third ‘Love Language’ with Teddyson John from St Lucia, fourth my single ‘Jam of the Year’, produced by Anson Pro, my fifth ‘Round and Rosie”, then ‘Born to Fly’ with USVI Pumpa and ‘Best Self’, a  collaboration with Lyrikal.

My favourite line from one of my songs, well I actually have two favourites.

From ‘Jam of the Year’ – “No money but I don’t care,  Tell them I will be there.” I think that really sums up the feeling of what a lot of people are going through right now, whereas the economy is not as it used to be but regardless, we are still going to have a good time, we are still going to enjoy Carnival.

My other favourite line is from ‘Round and Rosie’ – “When it come to party I like gyal, I doh want no man.” 

3. HM: In this short season, what do you do to conserve your energy for your stage performances?

NB: I make sure to take a vocal rest from time to time. I also take naps during the day, just so I can enough energy to keep going.

4. HM: Where and when can your fans catch your next performance? And what are your expectations for the rest of the Carnival season?

NB: I am at a lot of places for the season. My fans can go to my social media platforms, Nailah Blackman, to see where I’ll be.

MY expectation for the rest of the season is really to just have a great performance on every stage I touch, to let people feel my music as I feel it. My goal is definitely to send positive energy and a light of hope. I just love connecting with my fans and my supporters.

5. HM: Your song with Skinny Fabulous last year, was a Road March favourite from the start. How do you think you’re looking for the road this year. Will this year be the year?

NB: I believe that Road March is about what the people want, and so far my new song ‘Best Self’ alongside Lyrikal has been doing phenomenal.

Because it is such a short season, people have little time to grasp the music, but it is definitely gearing up to be one for the books.

For me, I am going for road, I am determined to reach that goal, but it is all in the hands of the people and God. So at the end of the day, I am just going to put my best foot forward and whoever is the best man, will win.

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