FilmTT Paves the Way for Local Film Industry

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The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited (FilmTT) continues to play a pivotal role in the development and advancement of the film and audio-visual sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

Through one of its flagship initiatives, FilmTT’s Content Creation and Marketing Fund, has been instrumental in nurturing local talent and elevating Trinidad and Tobago’s film industry to new heights. This fund has provided vital financial backing to a diverse range of local film projects, empowering filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life.

FilmTT General Manager Leslie-Ann Wills-Caton shared,” By investing in local film content creation and marketing, FilmTT is not only driving cultural enrichment but also contributing to the diversification of the economy. This initiative aligns perfectly with FilmTT’s core Strategic Pillars, aimed at fostering a more vibrant and prosperous creative sector in the nation. We are dedicated to cultivating an improved and more ambitious local film sector through strategic investments and unwavering support, we are empowering Trinidad and Tobago’s filmmakers to explore new horizons, tell unique stories, and make their mark on the global cinematic stage.”

Over the past 12 months, FilmTT’s Content Creation and Marketing Fund has supported several film projects and creatives to the amount of $250,000.00 including:

Candice Lela Rolingson for the feature film “Louti”

Emily Smart & Cedric Smart for their proof-of-concept film “The Incident” and the feature film “A Shadow Legacy”.

Ryan C Khan for his short film “Hey 19”.

Neisha Agostini for her online series “Look Tobago”.

Scene Productions for their online series “Mas Prep”.

Sonja Dumas for the premiere of her directorial work, “The Venerable,” at the New York African Diaspora International Film Festival.

Aisha Manrique to attend the Voice Acting Conference in the USA.

Garvin Luke for Distribution.

Michelle Mohammed – Feature Film – Maria [TT].

Lisa Wickham for the feature film – Trinidad Remains [TT/UK].

Nigel Thompson for his feature film – TASPO- Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra [TT]

Savant Productions for the feature film – 1990 [TT].

Grimrock Productions for the feature film Buckoo.

Story Play for the feature film The Caddy Club [TT)].

Stephen Edwards for his series Sweet T&T.

Akkel Charles for Marketing

This fund is open to registered production companies or organizations based in Trinidad and Tobago creating content for exhibitions that meet the aims and criteria of this fund. There are a range of project costs eligible for shooting, including research and development, production, exhibition costs, marketing and distribution support, sales agent fees, equipment rental, marketing and publicity costs (including print, online, PR).

The Content Creation and Marketing Fund is a testament to FilmTT’s commitment to nurturing and growing the local film industry. By providing funding, resources, and guidance, FilmTT is opening doors for aspiring filmmakers and ensuring that the world sees the rich tapestry of stories that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer.

As FilmTT continues to pave the way for the local film industry’s growth, they invite all stakeholders, from filmmakers to investors, to collaborate more on the exciting journey of creative and economic transformation ahead.

For more information about FilmTT and its initiatives, please visit the FilmTT website at or email:

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