Independence Look-A-Like Contest: From Idea To Reality

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by Alexia Patrick

Think you have a famous local look-a-like? The Independence Look-A-like Contest is the one for you, where you can win big for just recreating your look-a-like.

Emerging from the lows caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which prevented the nation from engaging in our traditional Independence Day celebrations last year, came Maria Bhola Paul’s brilliant idea.

“I was trying to think about something we could do virtually that would still be fun and entertaining since Last August we were locked down at home without many options for entertainment Paul stated.

Her idea became a reality when she was given grave assistance.

“With the support of Jacqueline Burgess, Coordinator of the Network of NGO’s, we were able to get our major funding from the National Lotteries Control Board to push forward with our plans. Happily, many other private entrepreneurs signed on as co-sponsors to help make it all happen”.

This contest encourages people to give their best impersonation of well-known local personalities while highlighting, honoring, and appreciating the people who have contributed toward the development of Trinidad and Tobago and who we are as a people.

What makes the contest so fun is that you do not have to actually resemble the person you are going to impersonate in reality but you can create that resemblance with make-up, wigs, and accessories which showcases how talented and creative we are as a people to recreate such looks.

Maria Bhola Paul’s 1st Annual Independence Look-A-Like Contest 2021 took off with a bang.

The competition was an online event last year. Persons were asked to submit their photos with their impersonations and we were able to publish a full album on Independence Day 2021. We had over 65,000 persons accessing the competition page to vote, comment, and share our post. This year we have maintained online submissions for the children’s category and for the special diaspora category so that our nationals overseas can participate. The local adult category however will see contestants in a live final to take place at Kafe Blue on Wrightson Road, POS on August 31st in a Gala Celebration” Paul added.

Maria Bhola Paul feels fulfilled to have accomplished her goal.

“I love that people are looking forward to it this year. Some people have asked if they can buy tickets to attend the event even if they are not competing. We have decided that we can accommodate this to a certain extent”.

This year the “Most Talked About Event” for our 60th Independence is comprised of three overall categories:

  • Children’s Category (Babes in Arms to 17 years)
  • Adult Category (18 years & Over)
  • Diaspora Category (All Ages)

The Special Prize Categories are:

  • People’s Choice Male
  • People’s Choice Female
  • Doppelganger Male/Female
  • Best Impersonation of a Calypsonian
  • Best Impersonation of a Deceased Person
  • Makeup Artist Challenge
  • Best Impersonation by a child (Ages 17 & under)
  • Best Presentation of a Celebrity Couple

Contestants will be awarded based on their fulfillment of the requirements for each category, with a hefty $5,000.00 Grand Prize and lots of other prizes to be won.

If you have not made a submission as yet, now is the time to do so as the deadline for Preliminary picture submission is August 20th, 2022. Let’s Celebrate 60 Years of Independence by acknowledging and appreciating all of our icons who made Trinidad and Tobago’s culture as rich as it is. ‘We are Trini to D Bone’

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