Q&A Vibes with Arvinder Rampersad

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We sat down with the ceo of Winerboy entertainment, Arvinder Rampersad to tell us about the brand and the man behind the Winerboy entertainment brand.

Q. How did you end up in the event promotion/production business and why?

A- How I ended up here is somewhat a funny but a true trini story, I was in a fete and machel called me up on stage, i wined and then got the nickname winerboy, a year later I ended up on stage with fay ann in the same fete wining again so the nickname eventually stuck and I thought to myself how can I use this for something positive so I decided to throw a fete, which turned out to be a success in its first attempt then I fell in love with doing events after that.

Q. What/when was your first event ever, and how did it turn out?

A – My first event was an outdoor fete called “Bumperville” which was a success, it was somewhat an “ojt” project as well because I learnt the process of acquiring licenses etc for events.

Q. What/when was your last event and how many have you done since?

A- My last event was Kuchela The Central fete, this carnival season I’m doing 6 fetes all varying styles of events to keep the crowd excited.

Q- What are some of your observations about the fete/party scene since you first started and more recevccvntly?

A- Alot has changed since there, social media has changed the whole dynamic of how we party and also how we promote events, when I first started I printed flyers to give out, Instagram and Tik tok wasn’t around, Facebook was now getting popular. In terms of how we party now some people say it’s more “stush” but thankfully in my events I’m still getting the people to wine which I’m really happy about, as with everything in life we just have to adapt to the new norm.

Q- . What’s next for Winerboy Entertainment ?

A- My main focus is Trinidad carnival but I also do things on vibes and energy I feel so when I get an idea and the energy feels right I give it a try so anything is possible over the next few years.

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